Financial support following a covered hospitalization

There are the hospitalizations that are expected—and those that aren’t.

Either way, even with core medical coverage, expenses and financial stresses can add up quickly.

Wellfleet Workplace’s Hospital Indemnity Insurance pays you benefits for hospitalizations associated with covered accidents or sicknesses.

From hospital admission to daily confinement, specialty care and related benefits and riders, our product provides employees and their families with financial support to help offset out-of-pocket costs associated with a hospitalization from a covered accident or sickness.

Coverage for the expected and unexpected

Whether planned or not, the focus of a hospitalization should be on care and healing versus worries over how to cover mounting medical costs. Hospital Indemnity Insurance from Wellfleet Workplace provides an added layer of financial protection by paying a total benefit for covered hospitalizations and related benefits, such as for daily confinement in the ICU or the birth of a child.

Fill gaps in your medical coverage

Some may wonder about what the difference is between health insurance and Hospital Indemnity Insurance, and why they might need it.

Health insurance covers certain medical expenses and pays your provider directly but may leave you responsible for some out-of-pocket costs. The amount paid depends on your coverage, the type of care and whether you’ve hit your out-of-pocket maximum.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance is supplemental coverage that complements your health insurance and can help cover your out-of-pocket expenses. The benefit amount you receive is based on the type of hospitalization, is paid directly to you and can be used however you like.

Did you know?


Average total cost of treatment for pneumonia with major complications & comorbidities*

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5.4 days

The average hospital stay**

** John Elflein. (Jul 2, 2020.) Retrieved from

More than $4,500

The average a new mother with insurance will pay for labor and delivery.1

1 Admon, Lindsay; Dalton, Vanessa; A., Fendrick; Kolenic, Giselle; Moniz, Michelle; and Tilea, Anca. (January 2020). “Out-of-Pocket Spending for Maternity Care among Women with Employer-Based Insurance 2008 – 2015”.

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