2021 Workplace Benefits Broker Survey

Did you know that brokers’ top 5 pain points are: commission structure, billing errors, lack of real-time data insights, the time it takes to underwrite a group, and slow data processing time?

Neither did we.

That’s why we surveyed workplace benefits brokers — to better understand their pain points along with their perspectives on price, products, technology, and marketing.

Together with technology partner EIS Group, here’s what we found.

Full survey report

Review full survey findings covering broker and client pain points.


Top 5 Carrier Misconceptions

Our survey data uncovered some noteworthy impacts to the challenges faced by brokers.

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Executive summary

Review high-level survey findings with key takeaways.


brokers need better technology experiences

brokers are not currently receiving the technology they desire


Product misconceptions

Benefits brokers are not getting the product flexibility they need to meet their clients' needs.

Top 5 Benefits Carrier Misconceptions Brokers Reveal What They're Missing

EIS Coretalk

Wellfleet's James Ocampo, EVP Workplace Benefits, joins EIS to discuss our recent survey on what brokers want from carriers.

1500 Main Street, Suite 1000, Springfield, MA 01115-5369

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