Paving a better path for data exchange

Wellfleet Connect

Wellfleet Connect combines an API ecosystem and data exchange to deliver a fully-integrated benefits experience. Learn more about APIs and how they are paving a better path for workplace benefits.

Experience the ease of a fully-integrated benefits platform.

Wellfleet Connect combines an API ecosystem and data exchange to deliver:

Automated case setup

Digitized case setup means an easy benefit build out between carrier and HR tech.

Any dataset, any way

Using either EDI or APIs, we can transfer your data in a range of file formats. No custom file needed.

Better billing

We get the bill right the first time. You can count on us to simplify your billing experience.

Automated system

By automating what once were manual processes, we’ve minimized human error while increasing speed and accuracy.

Near real-time enrollment processing

Fast policy issuance before the effective date means members get their coverage confirmation sooner.

Accuracy every time

With our single system, you only need to input data once; it’s securely stored and available for every customer interaction.

Future-focused workplace benefits

We’ve reimagined workplace benefits, enabling integrations that quickly adapt to the best of what’s next.

Personalized customer service

Our single system shuttles data in near real-time, so members can receive individualized service as soon as they enroll.

Learn more from our latest white paper, uncovering the truths about APIs, and explore insights from our recent Workplace Broker Survey.

The truth about APIs and EDIs in Workplace Benefits

Download our white paper to discover the transformative power of APIs, ensuring your clients stay ahead in the race for the best employees with seamless, swift and personalized benefits administration.

Brokers are unhappy with their carrier partners' technology.

While some supplemental benefits carriers are doing their best to support their distribution and broker partners, our survey data uncovered some noteworthy impacts of the challenges workplace benefits brokers face.

We're harnessing APIs in a way other carriers are not

With Wellfleet Connect, you'll experience workplace benefits like never before

More efficiency

Better accuracy

Easier navigation

Fewer headaches

Start your journey to better benefits

Connect with us to learn more about how our APIs can transform your workplace benefits experience, leading you into a brighter future.

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