Employee-focused workplace benefits

Wellfleet Workplace Benefits makes it easier for you to attract and retain the best employees. With our simple-yet-flexible plan designs, portability options, and best-in-class service, you’ll empower your employees to protect their financial future, helping them achieve peace-of-mind and improved focus at work.


Accidents happen. When they do, we're right there with your employees -- helping protect them against the unexpected.

Critical Illness

Perfect for preserving your employees' peace of mind as well as their pockets through a crucial extra layer of financial protection.

Short-Term Disability

Income replacement for your employees that works when they can’t -- protecting them and their paycheck.

Advantages of Workplace Benefits


Wellfleet Accident, Critical Illness coverage can bridge the deductible gap, helping alleviate employees’ financial stress. Our and Short-Term Disability is a way to cover income loss due to a disability.


Whether offering Workplace Benefits that are paid entirely by the employee, or sharing a portion of the premium, you will save on overall monthly premium costs.


Offering Workplace benefits can help reduce employee and productivity loss associated with employees returning to work after suffering an accident or illness.

Did you know?

59 %
of employees say employee benefits are “very important” to how they feel about their job and their employer.*
69 %
of employees report that they might choose one job over another if it offered better benefits.*
66 %
of employees who receive perks, such as Workplace Benefit are satisfied with them.*

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