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Berkshire Hathaway company Wellfleet Workplace reports 100% of coverage and invoices issued by January 1 for the fourth consecutive year.

It’s a year later, and Wellfleet Workplace has yet again completed a feat rarely seen in the insurance industry. We have successfully processed 100% of all new client enrollments and major re-enrollments with files received in good order by January 1.

What does this achievement mean for partners and members?

In simple terms, if a member files a claim on January 1, 2024, we’d be able to process it from that very first day.

“From the beginning, our goal has always been to exceed our partners’ expectations,” said James Ocampo, Executive Vice President of the Workplace Benefits division. “That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make the new year much less stressful for them.”

Exceeding expectations and delivering on our promises during the busiest time of year has created a chain reaction of positive results, helping brokers, clients, and employees start the year on the right foot. Beyond issuing coverage faster, Wellfleet’s API-enabled system alleviates the need for enrollment and billing reconciliation, which helps ensure that the crucial first bill is accurate.

The accuracy of invoices and personalized customer service is important to our clients, as it reduces the amount of time spent on Workplace administration — allowing them to focus on the initiatives that matter most to their businesses.

Not only does this accomplishment speak volumes about the quality of our team at Wellfleet Workplace, but it also speaks to the quality of our systems, which enable this seamless enrollment process.

How Wellfleet achieved this goal

While most carriers struggle to receive and process enrollment data in a timely manner, our modern system allows enrollment data entry to be simple. Because our system is connected through APIs across all areas of the business, member data is available quickly for every customer interaction.

“Wellfleet’s cloud-based technology model is one of our most noteworthy characteristics in the market,” said Maddie Nevans, Enrollment Systems Coordinator at Wellfleet. “Without the constraints or quirks of a decades-old system, our teams can produce results much quicker. The enrollment team can turn around a new customer’s open enrollment file within a few hours.”

Additionally, Nevans notes that Wellfleet’s modern technology makes enrollment easier and faster because we don’t require our customers or tech partners to meet file format requirements. Instead, we accept enrollment data in whatever format the client can easily provide, and then our team does the work to ensure it fits our system.  

According to Kevin Matthews, Client Manager at Wellfleet, minimizing the time we spend on data tasks allows our groups and brokers to develop stronger relationships with Wellfleet while also enhancing the benefits experience for everyone involved.

Thanks to hands-on care from our dedicated client managers, as well as the efficiency of our single administration system, we’re able to consistently prepare most groups to be ready for effective member interaction, payroll deductions, and claims administration before Q1 even begins.

See how our one interconnected technology system increases efficiency and ease of use for our partners.

Harnessing technology to improve workplace benefits

Our results were a Wellfleet vision come to life: from protecting dreams to achieving them. Experts from all over the industry come together every day to solve problems from the ground up in a company born to do things differently.

“Wellfleet Workplace is continuing to break down barriers to improve the broker, client, and member experience,” said Ocampo. “We’ve been able to deliver exceptional results yet again because of our people, our technology, and how they work together in harmony.”

Learn more about Wellfleet and how our technology is helping improve the voluntary benefits experience for brokers and clients.


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