Wellfleet ensures a Happy New Year for all

Berkshire Hathaway Company Wellfleet Workplace Reports 100% of Coverage & Invoices Issued by Jan. 1.

At the end of 2022 at the North Pole (aka Springfield), team Wellfleet was getting ready to deliver something the insurance industry had not seen. The list had been made and checked twice. The data had been collected and wrapped with neat blue bows.

By Jan. 1, Wellfleet processed 100 percent of all new client enrollment and major re-enrollments, issued coverage to members, and sent invoices to plan administrators. Delivering to every stakeholder during the busiest time of year created a chain reaction of positive results for brokers, groups, and their employees to start the year on the right foot.

Hands-on care by dedicated client managers, deployed through the Lighthouse by Wellfleet administration system every step of the way, enabled groups to be ready for effective member contact, payroll deductions, and claims administration before Q1 even started.

“Since its inception, Wellfleet has existed to challenge the status quo,” said James Ocampo, Executive Vice President at Wellfleet, and head of its Workplace Benefits division. “The results delivered at the end of 2022 were a culmination of team and technology operating in perfect unison.

“We set out to do better for our brokers and partners than what they are used to, and that promise brought Wellfleet customers a much less stressful start to the new year.”

Delivering on this commitment can seem like a holiday miracle for an industry with a history of blockages from peak season pressure, but it is far from magic. Harnessing a single system across the entire organization enables Wellfleet to work in harmony with visibility on any given case. The immediate outcomes powered by Lighthouse meant even files considered late were processed on time, so all claims could be administered as early as Jan. 1.

The formula behind this achievement stems from technical innovations and the lightning-fast processes they enable. The data Wellfleet receives from groups doesn’t need to come in one static format. Groups simply submit data based on the format they use, and it is transmitted into the system from there, eliminating the back-and-forth required to satisfy legacy technology that is not intuitive.

When we say “customer centricity”, this is what we mean.

The results were a Wellfleet vision come to life: from protecting dreams to achieving them, experts from all over the industry come together every day to solve problems from the ground up, in a company born to do things differently.

Find out how cloud-based technology from Wellfleet Workplace is helping improve the voluntary benefits experience for brokers and their clients.

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